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Since the Social Justice Warrior contingent of sci-fi fandom is on a quest for perpetual outrage, here is this week’s stupidity. A convention, Archon, had a guy many of us know and love, Tim Bolgeo, scheduled to be the fan guest of honor, until an anonymous internet pussy alleged that Timmy was racist, so Archon immediately folded and disinvited him.

Fellow warm beige Author of Color, Jason Cordova has more:

Most authors know him as Uncle Timmy. He’s helped out so many new and aspiring authors to get their work out in front of the fans that it is ridiculous. Uncle Timmy is the go to guy in southern and midwestern fandom to meet people. You know the guy who knows a guy? That’s Timmy.

First off, anybody who has ever talked with Tim Bolgeo knows this allegation is crap and Archon is being stupid.  Uncle Timmy is no…

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