Call me old fashion but I miss them.  Yes a know, they’re still around, but they seem to matter a lot less than they used to.  Mostly I’m talking about written words, but it applies in many ways to all words.  More and more people are communicating with symbols and emotion Icons and all this other crap and for those people words aren’t important anymore.  Words should matter more.  Communication should matter more.  We live in a word were spelling and grammar are a vague after thought.  I’m as guilty of it as the next person and it makes me sad.  It starts with slang and street talk being just as common and respected as proper Language, and now with all this text message and internet shorthand…I looked some of this stuff up recently.  Basically this crap means whatever the person who wrote it says it means.  Yeah fine there are some that are common enough everybody gets it, but there are just as many that mean practically anything.  That isn’t language and it isn’t communication.  It’s a lot of best guess and hope and faith that the person on the other end knows what the hell you’re talking about.

     It’s the new way of communicating.  Text the person across the room and E mail the neighbours which is fine but when you do that instead of talking to people face to face is it really better?  More convenient sure but it’s a long way from better.

     I’m old, I’m tired and I miss face to face conversation and I miss words.  Because I’m old enough to remember when words really mattered.