This weekend just gets worse by the second.  I will limit myself to the latest.

     In light of what I have just seen I have pretty much given up all hope for the future.  I think I have seen a clear indication that we have reached a point where the idiots have won.  The fight is lost and it just isn’t worth fighting any more.  It’s time for all sane people to just find a nice comfortable place to way for the end.

     I’m watching this lecture from Harvard.  These are in theory-reasonable intelligent people.  It’s some kind of thing-Harvard justice on line or some such crap.  point is they are arguing about Libertarianism.  The place is filled OF COURSE with hundred of liberal hippie duche bags and about five or six people who say they are libertarians.

     NONE of them can make a rational reasonable argument for ANYTHING.  Absolutely no common sense anywhere in any of their arguments.  The libertarians-who happen to be right have no clue how to back up their arguments.  They can’t give cohesive facts to back them up to save their lives.

     Both sides are a band of babbling fools.  The people who are right( but probably don’t understand why-at least they can’t manage to tell anybody else why) are outnumbered by something like two hundred to one.

     This is friggin Harvard for Christ sake and it looks more like Jay Leno’s Jaywalking.

     This is the world we live in.  And hardly anyone seems to give a rat’s ass.  Worse than that the people who do care or at least claim to are a bunch of babbling fools.

     I see this shit and a thousand things just as bad and I can’t imagine how things will ever get better.

     The say one person can make a difference, but it isn’t true.  It take one person + a world or at least a part of a world that will listen to that one voice.  And no one what’s to hear that YOU DON”T have a RIGHT to health care-you just don’t.  You don’t have a right to a job, only the opportunity for a job.  You don’t have a right to make the government and tax payers responsible for ever mistake and bad choice you ever made in your life.

     This country is a pathetic shadow of the country it should and could be and it’s getting worse by the second and I …fuck it, what’s the point.  And that is my point the sane people have already lost.  I’m just so tired of fighting a losing battle,  tired of trying to convince myself so one is even listening.