It’s like the world, only bite sized so it fits on a little screen in your home so you don’t actually have to go out.  Those smart-ass 50’s S.F. writers didn’t see that coming did they.  Screw domes, we found a way to put the world in a little box in your bedrooms.
     I wonder if there might be something a little scary about all this-like Fantastic Journey only the whole world instead of a little micro sub.  Wonder how many people get that reference?  Probably wonder way too much.  
    I suppose that applies to the internet in general, but it only really hit me when I did this-F.B. thing almost by accident and people I haven’t seen in like a billion years started popping up like mushrooms in a dark basement lab run by a mad genius.

    So now I’m wondering if it’s a good thing or a bad thing?

    Does it matter?  It’ll probably be both, pretty much everything is once enough people get a hold of it.

    Probably wondering too much again…or not enough, it’s hard to tell.