Yeah, so what in gods name is a Crush alert and why the hell do I have one in my blog?  I haven’t had my Migraine meds since I got out of the Army and that’s been weeks now.  Every cell in my head feels like a bubble full of electrical wiring with rats chewing on it.  I sware there are little elves with big hammers ponding on the back of my head.  And my computer is playing games with me saying something about somebody has a crush on you.  What the fuck?  This whole crush thing seems staggeringly unlikely, but I hit the thing anyway-and now it wants a cell phone number.  I have two cell phones, one got turned off and the other one is German because that’s where I lived for 11 months.  So now what?  I feel like I’m in High School again.  I wasn’t good at it the first time and I sure haven’t gotten any better at it now.  I am so too old for this shit!  And yet I still try  because-well yeah it has been that long.  Look I’m not whining, not intentionally at least.  Maybe it’s the headache the fact that I haven’t eaten in a while, hell could be a lot of things.  I’ll tell ya what though, you’ll jump threw a lot of hoops and grasp at a lot of straws when you haven’t had a date in basically 10 years.  It does thinks to your head even a migraine won’t.  It’s the kinda fucked up shit that leads people to put a loaded 38 to their heads and wonder-so just what would happen if they pulled the trigger.  Not me…I can’t do that anymore ’cause when you know the kind of people I know you can’t afford to take the chance they wouldn’t figure out a way to bring you back from where ever the bullet sends you just to kick the shit out of you for doing something so stupid.  Fair warning…you might not be seeing me at my best just now.  Not that it does you any good if you’ve come this far already, just saying this might not be the last rammbling middle of the night blog you’re likely to find around here.  I’m told by a number of people however that I’m not always such a bitter pill to swallow.  Of couorse they might have been lying.

And I still don’t know What the fuck a crush alert is?!