OK first things first, the business.  Just went to a very interesting little gathering over the weekend and have to thank everyone involved for a putting on a hell of a show, no that wasn’t meant as a pun(it took place in a church for those who don’t know). 

Second a warning I am no where near anything you’d call PC or anything even remotely like it.  I state my opinion, nobody says you have to like it.  Feel free to disagree that in some ways the point I have learned very little of what I know from peole who agree with me.  It’s nice that some do but I’m know where near as smart as I’d like to be and you learn a lot more from people who see things diferently than you do than from those that don’t .  Bottom line just don’t expect any ass kissing you like what you read or you won’t, you’ll commet or you won’t that entirely up to you, just don’t expect me to change my mind just because you disagree and don’t expect me to care that you don’t and we’ll all be fine.  Your welcome to try and change my mind on anything just bring something more substantial than, because I’m right and your wrong If you expect me to listen to your arguments make it worht my wild.  That’s it for that.

One last think, if you don’t know who Doug Clegg is-what the fuck planet are you from and what the hell are you doing in this neck of the woods, this is Doug Clegg country and so a link to promos for his latest book.
Check out this video: Mini-Teaser Clip 1: Douglas Clegg/Lady of Serpents Character

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Vampires - The Vampyricon: The Lady of Serpents - paranormal

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This is for Lady Of The Serpants, the second book in Dougs Vampire Trilogy.  And before you start cryin’ about another Vampire book check it out it’s not what you’d expect this really is something new.  So go check it out before I do something to piss you off and you let that color your opinion of Doug’s stuff.  Go!   I’ll be here when you get back.

I’d give you more of an Intro to the Vamp stuff but the truth is I’m way behind in my reading thanks to being in Germany for about a Year and I decided to read the vamp books all at once when the last one comes out but I can tell you this, his Harrow House books totally rock!  It’s one of my goals to have lettered Editions of as many Harrow books as I can get my hands on, they’re that good. 

OK all the business is done now it’s just me shooting my mouth off about…well at the moment religion.

A very nice fellow by the name of Maurice Broaddus http://www.mauricebroaddus.com/  had a gathering over the weekend and some very interesting people and had some very interesting things to say about religion.

Me I’m a Catholic, and before you make any assumtions about that statement I’m a Catholic because it is as pagan as iyou can get unless you call yourself a Wican and it’s a whole lot easier to find a catholic church around here than it is a Sacred Druid grove.  So know you know a little bit about where I’m coming from.  One of the things that was brought up was Judas.  The point was Judas went to Hell-it was pointed out that no one actually said that, it’s just assumed-my take on the Judas thing is a question, assuming Judas did go to Hell, did he go because he betrayed Christ(which is what he was supposed to do), or because having done what he was supposed to do he freaked out and offed himself.  Not really looking to through my own opinon out on that, not sure exactly what it is yet.  I’m still thinking on that and a whole slew of other things and that’s the point.  Thinking about things like that get you examining your beliefs in a way that more often than not your local preacher never will.  That for me is one of my own beefs with modern religion.  A whole lot of them CLAIM to talk about religion but most-not all but most-sit around reminding each other how right they are and how wrong everybody else is.  Remember what I said before about learning more from people who disagree with you.  Clearly most religions don’t seem to see it that way.  Once more a little on my own take on religion.  Yes I know I said I was a catholic which means when I go to a church it’s a catholic church and assuming I don’t get excommunicated between now and then I will have a Catholic/Military funneral.  Personally I’d rather have something along the lines of a viking funneral and get torched in a boat in the middle of a lake or some such thing but I’m pretty sure that kind of thing is illegal and I don’t want to put the people I leave behind, again assuming there are some to that kinda trouble.  Where was I…oh yeah.  Here’s the deal as I see it, if you assume there is a god it doesn’t make much sense to assume he or she is stupid.  Not all people live in the same culture, speak the same language, see the world the same way.  We know that, don’t you imagine god would too.  Let’s assume he does.  So what makes more sense, one absolute religon and you get it reguardless of your culture and language or FUCK YOU MUTHER FUCKER you didn’t get the right cultural upbringing so your ass is going to HELL!   OR god is there in some form or another in all religions and he speaks to his people in the language they will best understand.  Joseph Campbell pointed out some time ago that most major religions and myths tell pretty much tha same basic story.  Is it possible that it’s those basics that are what’s important and all this bull shit about we’re right and fuck you were going to kill you invade your country and what not is in absolutely no way what god had in mind?  Three quesses where I fall on that one.

Let’s see what’s next.  If you have a problem with gays…you might just want to fuck off right now.  Before you run screaming let me be clear-I’m not saying you have to support them.  I’m saying support them or leave them be and if you can’t live with one of those options then you and me got problems because a whole lot of my friends are of that persuasion and one thing you should know right now-If you have a problem with my friends then you have a problem with me.  Three things tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about me.  What I write.  The Music I listen to.  And Who I choose to call Friends.  Some of those people DON”T LIKE ME.  Ceste la vie Que serra serra(you get that a lot around here.  In a nutshell when I say it I mean you play the hand life delt you the best you can.  Life is what it is and you make the best of it no matter how shitty the hand you got this round…AND UNLIKE poker, you NEVER, NEVER EVER FOLD!  PERIOD.) now you see why I shortened it?  But that’s the way life is sometime.  There was a party for the Holidays when we(Armament shop, 5th maintenance, 191st ordnance  US ARMY  Europe) were in Germany.  One of the guys Bryan Lynn lived off post so the NCO’s told him to let everybody come to his house for a party.  I like the guy.  There is absolutely no one I served with that I have more respect for he’s absolutely a stand up guy.  He didn’t think much of me at the time for reasons that I may or may not go into later.  I didn’t go to the party because it was his house!  I joined the Army to defend the rights of at the very least ALL US citizens and pretty much anybody else the Pesident and congress send us to defend.  That means I defend ALL their rights including the right to dislike me.  My oath didn’t say anything about only defending the rights I like or agree with.  For instance some people hate gays-usually for no good reason.  They piss me off but I defnd their Right to feel that way.  I also defend My own right to tell them they suck and their full off shit and they best never lay hands on my friends if they intend to keep said hands.  Yes I know I said I was a catholic I was there when I said it, I also said that makes me a pagan-that I will almost certainly elaborate on later-and that it pretty much just means that’s where I go fto church.  I agree with them on a lot of things and dig the ritual nature of how they do their thing.  I think they are totally full of shit on the no female priest thing, but I also think the Army is totally full of shit on the no females in the Infantry/combat/SF and it didn’t keep me from joining the Army.  On that subject by the way did you nknw that the British SAS one of the most badass SF groups in the world has had at least on female member and these are the guys that had ARMY Green Berets pucking on their shoes day one when they went to train up for Special Forces Operational detachment  1 DELTA.

It’s 22:15 I haven’t eaten in a while, time for a break.  Don’t know when I’ll get back to this.  I get lazy about these things.  Usually I get little to ZERO feed back so if anybody shows up and isn’t scared off already let me know it’s worht my time to do more or you could just do like a lot of people and remind me I’m goibng straight to hell.

NEXT UP-why I’m not sure I believe in Hell.  OR the Heaven most religions pimp for that matter.

Later-Jack William Finley/ AKA Jack the Ripper