OK like I said next up, Heaven and Hell, just threw in the story in as a little something extra.  It’s based on a comment by Richard Layman in his excellent book A WRITER”S TALE.  He said the very first story was a horror story told by frightened people around a campfire and the last story would be a horror story.  So I wrote that hope you didn’t hate it.

So Heaven and Hell, here’s my beef with that whole deal.

Heaven as it’s pimped by the christens is this perfect place without pain and suffering and well if you ask me sounds boring.  With no challenges what’s to keep you growing and interested.  The way I see it people NEED a little bad in their lives.  Maybe not as much as we have here.  If this finds it’s way to Wrath, I take your point completely(I pretty sure it was Wrath brought it up.)  You don’t need THAT much pain or evil to understand and counter balance the good in life, especially when some people have so little that’s good in their lives…but you do need some, with out it you would stagnate.  That doesn’t sound fun and it doesn’t strike me as any kind of paradise I’d want for possibly billions of years.

OK now for Hell…here’s the thing I have trouble with.  Say you believe in a loving merciful god, and too an extent I do. Presumably you have forever to do whatever you want to do.  When you have that kind of time to play with at what point do you call it quits on one of your children?  Me there are a few I might send to Hell for all eternity, but that should be one of the things that separates us from God, God can wait it out.  He can send Hitler back to go again, and again, and again. AND again…when does a loving a merciful god give up and banish one of his children for ALL OF ETERNITY.

Now I admit this could just be me failing to get whatever it is god gets and we don’t.  Another thing I don’t think is likely to go over with Wrath, BUT think about it.  IF he or she can create a universe, he or she MUST be so far advanced beyond what we know right now that there’s just bound to be this gap in understanding.  How could there not be?  Now are we capable of bridging that gap on day…that’s a place where I’m I think closer to Wrath’s point of view.  If a god went through the trouble of creating us why would he ort she create creatures who can’t rise to that level.  I look at it as the rock god can’t lift thing.  If gods always been there, can we be an attempt by god to understand how he/she got to be god?  Create beings capable of becoming like you and then watch.

Of course that rules out the totally powerful, totally omniscient, past and present view of god, but that just seems to have to many holes in it.  I’m kind of a agnostic when it comes to that particular view.  What can I say I’m a flawed human, I work with what I’ve got, and there doesn’t seem to be a safety net so a tread carefully.

Having said all that I was reading Ayn Rand who had some very useful things to say for a complete and total wack job, particularly on the subject of writing.  I highly recommend the chapter on the Principles of Literature, in the Romantic Manifesto and The Art of Fiction.  It really is some very good stuff.  The Romantic Manifesto is pretty decent all around.  Any way, I was reading her stuff and was thinking people who don’t believe have a lot more to lose than those who do.  So I wrote a story about a guy who does whatever the heck he wants to his whole life, killing murdering and raping, Totally evil son of a bitch and when they go to execute him he laughs and says I won, you never kept me from doing a single thing my whole life I did whatever I wanted with no real consequences and now I’ll go to sleep and never wake up.  Then he wakes up in Hell and they say, boy have we got some bad news for you…

In the end it all comes down to ONE THING.  Lead a decent life.  Why you do it means a lot less than a lot of people think, I believe.  I feel bad for the ones who do it out of fear, I think that’s pretty sad, but life is what it is, some people get it some don’t.

The Army preaches what they call The Seven Army Values.

Loyalty, duty, honor, integrity, personal Courage, selfless service, and respect.

They aren’t just ARMY values.  They are and should be HUMAN values and we’d live in a much different, much better world if most if not all people could embrace at least some version of that code.  You shouldn’t need the Army or a church to tell you that those are core values everyone can and should follow.   The trouble is they aren’t always easy values to follow and to many people want some HEAVEN on Earth perfect world where there is NO pain and NO suffering and everything is easy and all the hard stuff is done by some one else.  Sorry I just don’t think that’s a s perfect as they think it is.  I don’t think it can be attained and I don’t think it should be.  I think people NEED goals they need challenges…they need something to live for.  Some imperfections, something to fix, something to learn.  But then that just my opinion.

Good night Thank you and may your god go with you.