Ok well here I am again starting a new blog.  I’m only here right now because it turns out House isn’t on until 2100 in the states.  Didn’t know that it’s on Thursadys at 1900 in Germnay on AFN the Armed Forces Network.  Util this last weekend I was stationed there with the 5th Maint. Co. 191 Ord Battalion of the United States Army.  The Army and I have since parted ways for Medical reasons and now I have to get used to shit like Hosue is on Tuesday at 9pm and it’s back to haveing to choose between House and the Unit, which pisses me off Because without Cable I only watch two shows and that’s them.  With cable it bumps up to a staggering three shows because I add the Shield.  Oh well Televison is a rotten way to watch tv shows anyway.  A good TV show is like a good book.  You wouldn’t read one chapter of a book and then set it down for a week right, so it’s a losey way to get a visual story to.  I much preffer watching them on DVD in chunks of say 4-6 episodes at a time.  If they’re good it works really well, if they suck they aren’t worth watching anyway and you find that out a lot faster watching them in chunks.   House is on in 40 min.  House comes out on DVD in Aug…how long ’til the unit comes out.  Back in a second.

Well that didn’t help at all, Sept 25th.  I’ll probably watch House it’s a better show.  Not a lot better but still better and I’ve already seen a lot of the episodes from this season, about half will be re-runs when I get the DVD’s.  The unit on the other hand I’ve missed most of this year because of being overseas in the Army so it’ll be mostly new.  No reason to change that.  All in all I’m hoping to do better then just musing about what I’m about to watch on TV with this blog but I don’t feel like getting into something deep just to stop and go watch some really good TV about the time I really get into it.  Chances are it’ll get better.  Don’t promise anyone they’ll like it opinons vary, they tend to vary a lot from mine and let me tell ya I lose a lot of sleep over that-really.  In the end it is what it is you’ll be entertained and interested or you won’t and if your not-LEAVE.  Nothing personal but some people are gonna dig it and some people aren’t I’m over it, your turn.  If you think you can do better, guess what these things are free have at it and It’s not like you have to pay to read the damn thing.  If you hang around long enough it’s a pretty sure bet you’ll get a free story or two.  Those I should probably make you pay for but the truth is when it comes to writing an audiance matters more to me than money.  I can and have made money writing but not because I had any urge to make money at it it’s just if I do make money at it, that frees up the time I’d waste doing some lame job to put roof overhead and food on the table and then I have more time to write the stories.  If anything does come up please feel free to comment, that’s actually the point.  If I wasn’t interested in what people think I wouldn’t want an audiance.  The idea is to get better and getting better means finding out what’s wrong with what your already doing and the more people look the more people find.  If you do comment please try to come up with something more useful than “Hey man you suck!” Not a whole lot I can do with that, and again if you think you can do better feel free to tell me about your most recent sale.  what the hell let’s get the ball rolling and reward the new comers that made it this far.  For all the old hands who’ve seen this one a thousand times.  Yes I’m working on new stuff all right, it’s just not quite there yet and the new stuff might be worth trying to sell.  If everybody behaves and doesn’t cause too much trouble I might put up La Fee Verte.  That’s one of the one’s that sold for good money but for reasons that I won’t go into just now still hasn’t really had an audiance.

No Past, No Future

By Jack W Finley

They called him fearless, but he wasn’t, that was just part of the act. In his business, fearless was the same as stupid and he wasn’t stupid. His name was Ronny Blake and he wasn’t fearless. He was careful, very, very careful.
Ronny was a daredevil. It was Ronny’s job to make the carnival more exciting, more death-defying. It was his job to do things that seemed at best, impossible and at least insane. He was the “Don’t try this at home” guy. Make the show look deadly without it actually being deadly that was his job description. Ronny was good at his job.
Today was not a good day, big stunt today, dangerous stunt and today did not have the feel of a careful day. It wasn’t anything he could put his fingre on, just…something bad in the air, an itchy feeling, like something was off. Something was most definately not off. They had been over the stunt a dozen times, checked every angle, worked everything out. All the safety equipment had been double, even triple checked. And yet, he still didn’t have that careful feel.
Ronny Blake was 29 years old and he’d been doing professional stunts since he was 16. He’d started doing backyard stuff when he was 4, jumping off of roof tops into bushes or pools, playing with fire all that crazy kid stuff, he’d been hurt about a billion times, bumps and bruises,stitches, a couple nights in the hospital now and then, but what the hell that was the business he was in. He had never gotten really hurt, not cracked skull, broken and bleeding hurt. After all, he was careful and careful guys don’t get that kind of hurt.
What the hell was wrong with him? Sure the stunt was tricky, they all were, but they’d been over it and over it and there just wasn’t anything wrong. He’d stood there and watched the inspectors go over everything with a fine tooth comb and they said it themselves that everything that could have been done, had been done. So why did he have this crazy damn feeling that something wasn’t right?
He watched his feet shuffle through the grass and sawdust and then up the crushed gravel path as he limped toward the brightly decorated gypsy camp. He looked around at all the wild and crazy gypsy crap. Like something out of a bad technicolor movie. The place was so cheezy he wanted to laugh. What the hell was he doing here any way, grasping at straws. He didn’t believe in this mumbo-jumbo bull shit, not for a second. It was all smoke and mirrors like everything else at the carnival, just some old lady and fancy gypsy drag scammin’ people out of their hard earned money, but maybe it would make him feel better to see her do her thing. She could wave be magic broom stick or what ever and tell him everything was fine and then he would go and do the stunt and it would all turn out fine just like it always did when you where careful.
Ronny passed through the enrance of the fortune tellers tent and marveled at the surroundings. Man oh man, these people sure did know there trade. Silk and lace, tapestries, candles and torches, thousands of flickering orange shadows danced like ghosts about the room. Elvis and liberace must have had gypsy blood in them ’cause nobody does gaudy like the gypsies. It’s there art, the look, the feel, the smell of insence, like a movie come to life. The table was covered in black lace and the crystal ball at it’s center cast back flickering flames in a million shapes and sizes.
He’d expected an old witch with a pointy hat and a wart on the end of he nose, stirring bat juice or wolf piss or some other smelly shit in a big black cauldren. He was surprised, but definitely not disappointed. The girl at the table was blonde, maybe 20 and drop-dead gorgeous. Her jewelry would have made Tiffany’s weep with envy and her cloth were a flashy mix of trashy goth hooker and old world traditional that should have clashed, but somehow didn’t. This trip might turn out to be worth wild after all.
“You have come to see the future?” Her voice dripped honey with pillowy softness. Ronny could have gotten lost in that voice, in her sparkling emerald eyes. He almost did, but the mysterious ache he’d been feeling since…He couldn’t remember when, brought him back to attention and he addressed the beautiful gypsy girl.
“Yeah. I’m here for the cards. Big stunt today, figured it couldn’t hurt to take a quick peek at the future. You should stop by later the stunts gonna be a killer.”
“Perhaps it is not death you have on your mind, but love.”
Ronny looked down surely the bulge couldn’t be showing.
The girl giggled, it sounded like wind chimes in a summer breeze. Ronny’s face flushed pink with embarrassment.
“Your thougts are hardly origanal, my sweet young daredevil.” She handed Ronny the cards, “shuffle them and try to clear your mind of distractions. Think only of that which you want to know of the cards. Ronny shuffled the cards and tried to think of the stunt and not what he wanted to do to this sweet young thing afterward. She didn’t slap him, so he guessed she couldn’t read his mind. Eihter that or she was a lot less inocent than she appeared, which was the most pleasant thought he’d had all day. The tips of her fingers brushed the back of his hand as she took the cards from him and electrified his skin. He watched as she dealt the cards. It was strange watching. He hadn’t noticed that the backs where white before. It was the kind of thing a careful guy like himself should have noticed. He looked at the girl and he sure as shit didn’t like what he saw in her eyes. Nope, this was definitely not a good day.
“What’s the deal sweetness? Those cards aren’t supposed to be white like that are they?”
“Something is wrong. This has never happened before,” she sounded nerous when she said it. Not scared, not yet, just nervous. She gathered the cards. “please, shuffle again.”
He shuffled.
She dealt.
She gathered the cards, shuffled the cards and dealt them herself. Ronny didn’t care for this shit, not one damn bit. He watched. He watched really careful and he couldn’t see a switch. No, he didn’t like this at all.
“So what the hell is this shit. You best not be runnin’ a scam on me little girl. I wouldn’t like that.” He tried to keep the squeak out of his voice, but it didn’t quite work. He should have beeen pissed off, but he wasn’t. He was scared, scared shitless.
“Try again,” he tolded her almost begging.
He shuffled.
She dealt.
“Fuck! What does this mean?”
“There is only one explanation. No past, no future.”
“What kinda mumbo-jumbo gypsy crap is that? That doesn’t mean anything. how can I not have a past?”
“Only a living man has a past Mr. Blake. Ghosts have no past, no futre they live only in the present moment.”
“Now your startin’ to piss me off you crazy bitch. You…wait. How did you know my name? I didn’t tell you my name.”
“No Mr. Blake you did not. Bad news travels fast in the carnival and deaths are not common, even among daredevils.”
“I’m not dead,” he whimped lossing steam even as he said it.
“I’m sorry Ronny,” he could tell she meant it. “No past, no future means dead. There was no joy in her voice now, only bitter resolve.
“He wanted to argue with her, to plead with her as he had done before, but he knew it was useless. He knew it was true, that funny feeling he had, the one he couldn’t place. He knew what it was now. Not an added something, but something missing. He felt his chest. No breathing. No heartbeat. No past. No future. He wondered what the pretty young girl would have been like in bed and he was gone.

They called him fearless, but he wasn’t, that was just part of the act. In his buisness fearless was the same as stupid and he wasn’t stupid. His name was Ronny Blake and he wasn’t fearless…